Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learn About Ohio Animals

Today we are going to learn more about animals that live in Ohio.
There are two websites you can use.

To go to the website - click on the blue words.  When you see blue words, it usually means it is a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are paths that take you from one place to another place when you are on the internet. Each hyperlink is a URL.  URLs are addresses for where things can be found on the internet.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Using SAS Curriculum Pathways to Learn More About Science Concepts

SAS Curriculum Pathways is a site offered FREE to any k-12 Public school.  There are interactives, web lessons and lab activities that can be downloaded and used in your classes - or for review at home by your students.

We have a Bay account - you need to ask me for the student user name.

Using Teacher's Domain To Support Science Lessons

Teachersdomain.org is a free site that offers videos, interactives and lessons through the resources of PBS. You can create an account to save "bookbags" of your favorite activities, which can be shared with others.  Each video or lesson interactive comes with a background essay for the teacher, discussion questions and a transcript. Many of the resource videos can be downloaded and remixed if you have a free account.

Try out this link - Animated Global Rainfall Map

A related resource are the interactive activities available from NOVA.  The new NOVA website includes lessons and many video resources.   A list of the interactive resources is available HERE

Using PHET To Teach Science Inquiry

PHET Was created by the University of Colorado as a tool to help students explore science and math concepts using web based simulation.  All of the simulations are JAVA based - you need to have the updated version of JAVA on your computer to run the simulation.  They will not work on iPads.

Gravity and Orbits
Click to Run

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Infectious Disease Part 2 May 15

Your group should get together and share information from yesterday - turn in your work to me - or let me check it on your computer screen.

Next, Go to http://www.koshland-science-museum.org/exhib_infectious/tracing_emerging_diseases.jsp Pick 5 hotspots for emerging infectious disease and read about the impact of disease in this area - take notes in your notebook - and show me when you finish

Finally - Go to this interactive - move the "target" around to view information about where the invaders are - and what they are. Choose 5 targets for each of the 3 invaders and descrive them in your notebook. Show me when you are done. http://www.koshland-science-museum.org/exhib_infectious/where_are_they_int.jsp

If you are done, you can play Pandemic II (see yesterday's post)